Getting Started

Screen Cast

Before exploring the code, it may be helpful to view a demo of the application functionality. The video below demos the major functionality of the Cargo Tracker application. It is intended to be a helpful point to start exploring how the application implements Domain-Driven Design (DDD) using Java EE.

The following is the functionality highlighted in the demo:

  • Tracking cargo using the public interface.

  • Monitoring cargo using both the static dashboard and live map.

  • Booking and routing cargo.

  • Registering cargo life-cycle events using the mobile interface.

  • Registering cargo life-cycle events in bulk using the batch file processing interface.

Exploring the Code

All of the code is available on GitHub. You can download it as a zip or browse the repository online.

Running the Application

The project is Maven based, so you should be able to easily build it or set it up in your favorite IDE. We currently have instructions for NetBeans.

You can also run the application directly from the Maven command line using Apache Cargo. All you need to is navigate to the project source root and type:

mvn package cargo:run

Once the application starts up, just open up a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/cargo-tracker/.