The Cargo Tracker project demonstrates how you can develop applications with the Java EE platform using widely adopted architectural best practices like Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The project is directly based on the well known original Java DDD sample application developed by DDD pioneer Eric Evans' company Domain Language and the Swedish software consulting company Citerus. The cargo example actually comes from Eric Evans' seminal book. That project uses older versions of Spring, Hibernate and Jetty whereas we focus on vanilla Java EE.

  • The Getting Started section provides brief orientation on the project.

  • The NetBeans section provides detailed instructions on how to get started with NetBeans.

  • The Java EE and DDD section provides a brief overview of DDD as it relates to this project and Java EE.

  • The Characterization section overviews how the basic building blocks of the domain - entities, value objects, aggregates, services, repositories and factories - are implemented in the application using Java EE.

  • The Layers section explains the architectural layers in the application and how they relate to various Java EE APIs.

  • The Resources section provides some useful resources for learning more about DDD and Java EE.

You should also check out the project website for further context.